You Should Always Say Sorry When You’re Wrong, But These Apology Notes Are Hilarious.

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Artificial Sweeteners Increase Flies’ Appetites

Flies given the artificial sweetener sucralose get hooked on the taste, eating more sugar and negating any calorie reduction they might experience from using the artificial sweetener in the first place. The researchers of the paper inCell Metabolismare wary of extrapolating to humans, but advocate at least knowing how much artificial sweeteners are in one’s […]


6 Questions With Women’s Soccer Star Alex Morgan

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Soccer forward Alex Morgan is many things: United States Women’s National Team star, Olympic gold medalist and children’s novelist, just to name a few. But as of Tuesday, she can be something else, too: your soccer trainer. Morgan and Wayne Rooney are the centerpieces of the just-launched Fivestar Soccer Training Program app for iPhone. The […]


Can You Spot the Terrible Imposters In These 25 Hilarious Photos?

1 We all want to fit in. But sometimes it’s just not gonna happen. via: Reddit Lucky for us, though, that hasn’t stopped all sorts of people, animals, and pranksters from trying to continue the charade that they’re something they’re not. They’re not exactly hard to spot in photos below, but their attempts are plenty […]


28 Times Elderly People Were Hilariously Honest On Facebook

First off, the fact that the older generation has been able to keep up with constantly changing technology is impressive all by itself. But, as we know dealing with people who are new to Facebook or email or texting, the way they interact can be a little hard to adjust to. Often it will be […]


Power nap to the people! NY Post exposes union boss who sleeps on the job!/BeastQuake/status/339334822436691968 Move over, George Costanza: There’s a new office slacker in town.!/FrankHartnagel/status/339408245724676096 This morning, the New York Post published a simultaneously hilarious and maddening exposé on New York City’s Mark Rosenthal, president of Local 983 of District Council 37.!/Chris_Oman/status/339379131932364800 It’s true. While Rosenthal insists that he works 12- to 14-hour days, his coworkers’ testimonies […]


Being Short And Chubby Is A Struggle, Especially For These 22 Dogs And Cats

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If you’re a vertically challenged chub like me, you know how difficult simple tasks can be. Reaching tall shelves is an impossible feat, and fitting through narrow openings can be quite the challenge. It really wouldn’t be so bad, though, if I actually looked cute doing it. Although that’s not the case for me, it […]