Juan Williams, here’s example of ‘real journalist’: Oh dear, Martin Bashir!/jimgeraghty/status/213345149542072320 No, really. He did. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir goes in for the rhymes in what we can only assume is some desperate cry for help. He really did. Groan. RT @jimgeraghty: MSNBC's Martin Bashir just said, "Oh me, oh-my-o, the candidates are in O-hi-o." #genius. — Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) June 14, 2012 Oh, dear, Martin […]


This Guy Will Photoshop Your Pictures For Free, And The Results Are Priceless

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Expert graphic designer James Fridman gets a lot of requests from people, asking him to photoshop their pictures. Some want a little airbrushing, others want to appear as if they’re taking a selfie somewhere other than their bathroom. Being the stand-up (and absolutely hilarious) guy that he is, James always obliges. Check out some of […]


His Show Usually Makes Us Laugh, But This Tearful Plea Will Break Your Heart

Jimmy Kimmel is one of our favorite late-night comedians. He’s always upbeat and hilarious, whether he’s playing pranks on kids or showing us celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. On Monday’s show, however, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” took a turn for the serious when Jimmy returned from a week-long hiatus after the birth of his baby. […]