The 5 Horrifying Stages Of Accidentally Sending A Nude Pic To Your Dad

Oh, I see you over there, sugar. You’re tucked into your cream-colored sofa. You’re wearing a gorgeous, loose-fitted cable-knit sweater and your softest, black $90 leggings. Your freshly-moisturized arms are stretched out beneath your pretty little head. You’re having a chill night in. I love a chill night in too, girl. Bless you. You reach […]


The ‘Honest Posters’ For This Year’s Oscar Nominees Are Hilarious

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The Oscar nominees were only announced last week, and already the ‘honest posters’ for them have hit the web… Predictably hilarious, you can check them out here: 1. The Hateful Eight 2. Brooklyn 3. The Big Short 4. Ex Machina 5. Bridge of Spies 6. The Martian 7. Spotlight 8. Steve Jobs 9. The Danish […]


Mary Katharine Ham has baby girl; Announces it Hammer-style [pic]!/mkhammer/status/366709487249682432 Absolutely beautiful! Fox News contributor and Hot Air editor-at-large Mary Katharine Ham and husband Jake Brewer are the proud parents of a baby girl. Leave it to the great Mary Katharine Ham to announce the birth of her daughter Georgia with a gorgeous and hilarious photo and the line “Baby: Nailed it!”!/duchessrebecca/status/366726503628681216 Congratulations […]


Broadway’s Cast Of ‘Aladdin’ Honors Robin Williams Singing ‘Friend Like Me’

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One of Robin Williams most notable roles was voicing the hilarious genie in Disney’s Aladdin. To pay tribute to the great entertainer who just recently passed away, the Broadway cast of Aladdin performed a special sing along of the popular tune Friend Like Me.     Read more:


Picture of the Day: When Penguins Attack

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WHEN PENGUINS ATTACK Photograph by M/S Expedition on Twitter/Gap Adventures In this amazing capture, we see a Gentoo penguin about to take a big bite into a GoPro camera in Antarctica. The image was shared on Gap Adventure’s M/S Expedition twitter account earlier this week. The M/S Expedition is Gap Adventure’s cruise ship for Antarctic […]