Frank Rich tweets prison rape joke about former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell

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#Turnabout @frankrichny @babyberkshire Some are praying #McDonnell gets what he wanted for others. #fairplay #probe — Ima Khivar (@AntarianRani) September 05, 2014 On Thursday, former Va. Gov. Bob  McDonnell was was found guilty on 11 corruption and fraud counts. He will be sentenced in January. Former New York Times columnist Frank Rich, currently Executive Producer of the HBO […]


‘New version of Clueless’: Actress Alicia Silverstone takes the ‘idiot crown’

,!/runawayuniverse/status/456806054114758656 Vaccines for your kids? As if. “Clueless” actress Alicia Silverstone prefers “feeding her two-year-old son a plant-based diet instead of getting him vaccinated,” according to The Daily Mail. Silverstone is promoting her new parenting book, “The Kind Mama,” and re-entered the vaccine debate on Team Jenny McCarthy. Because one Jenny McCarthy wasn’t enough. She […]


Fail: Tina Brown’s lame swipe at Tea Party highlights her own loser status

, ,!/Matthops82/status/439124017380073472 In case you’d forgotten that Tina Brown is an elitist liberal snob, here’s what she thinks of you:!/TinaBrownLM/status/439103503688953857 OK, let’s get this straight: Tea Partyers are marking five years of working to restore our Founding Fathers’ vision for America, which Tina Brown finds hilarious for some reason. So, in order to make said Tea […]


RNC boycotts MSNBC; Author Brad Thor blasts Sen. McCain with one question

, , , ,!/Chris_Moody/status/428929835717496833 As Twitchy reported, RNC chair Reince Priebus issued a statement in which he said that he has banned all staff from appearing on race-baiting MSNBC. The RNC is now also using the hashtag #BoycottMSNBC:!/GOP/status/428972744278282240 Priebus further said that he has asked Republican surrogates and officials to follow that lead. This prompted author Brad […]


‘Cheering failure!’ Laugh or cry? #WHCD sparks term: Pulling ‘a Sebelius’

, , ,!/greggutfeld/status/462795624887627776 It would be funny if it weren’t true! As Twitchy reported, President Obama and the Kathleen Sebelius let it be known during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that they think that the colossal failure known as Obamacare is super hilarious.!/robbinzhome/status/462926441597120512 Yep. The lapdogs at the dinner, well, lapped it up. Non-sycophants? Not so […]


‘Everybody must get trolled’: Bob Dylan tweets, but is it him?

, ,!/greenhousenyt/status/410789657136205824 Twitter was buzzing with the news that singing legend Bob Dylan had joined Twitter today.!/OnomatoSteveUh/status/410792691467681792 Heh. Here are the first tweets from that account:!/BobDylanTweets/status/410777509429383168 A hashtag swiftly sprung up, natch. Enter: #DylanTweets!/ctrembz/status/410782074526654464!/marcatracy/status/410782462772400128!/CraigSJ/status/410791342957027328!/marathonpacks/status/410792275883474944 More please!!/aliciaault/status/410785693309222915 Ha! Some snark-wondered if the account really is Bob Dylan’s:!/exjon/status/410786687623520257 Win! And […]


Stephen Fry on Hillary’s security: ‘Rude, physical, pushy, sullen and vile’

,!/HillaryClinton/status/484295213209620480 Hillary Clinton has taken Gaffe Tour 2014 to the UK. Actor and writer Stephen Fry is sure Hillary “is charm itself” (TwitchyFact rating: Hilarious), but about her security … Heh: We don’t know about Hillary’s security detail, but some of those words work pretty well for Ms. “What Difference Does It Make?” […]


Is this depiction of what Obama made for Putin the best thing ever? [pic]

, , , , ,!/BigRMV/status/440929256638406656 Twitter user @Zoeythegreat rightly scored big with this hilarious depiction of what President Obama made for Vladimir Putin.!/zoeythegreat/status/440908121360179200 That is absolutely perfect. Perfect. Seriously wiping tears. Is that the best thing ever?!/bluestateTEA/status/440913585074475008!/juanitocabrone/status/440917740199485440!/exjon/status/440920174728728576 Indeed. We at Twitchy have not fallen down on that job. @Zoeythegreat’s tweets are consistently feature-worthy! Now with more […]


‘Wow!’ This Obama lie flashback is astounding [pic]

, , ,!/amympayne/status/433960925570154497 What sparked a “wow”? Oh, just this:!/baseballcrank/status/433805550602567680 President Pants on Fire strikes again!!/cayankee/status/433983149962711040!/PresidentMesser/status/433970967124406272 What? He totally has his super-duper pen now. Plus, he was just kidding, guys!!/Neoavatara/status/433807189765939201!/WalshFreedom/status/433837575594192896 It would be hilarious if it wasn’t, you know, infuriating. The lies are apparently endless. Period. Related: Obama to Hollande: ‘As president, […]