Your Betchy Weekly Horoscopes

Here are your betchy weekly horoscopes for December 15th-21st. You’re welcome. Aries This week marks the end of the sun’s time in your ninth house, which means your window for getting shit off your chest is about to close. The last two weeks have been conflict packed for Aries betches, so consider this as a […]


#FireDavidChalian: ‘Romneys happy to have party while black people drown’

Really disgusted that @DavidChalian said Romneys "are happy to have party while black people drown" last night. #RNC2012 — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 29, 2012 The sickening race-baiting by “real journalists” is showing once again. This time, it was Yahoo! News bureau chief. That’s right. The bureau chief. The person joking about RNC on live […]


15 Hilarious Strikeout Moves by Major League Umpires

Sports website Deadspin has recently published an epic two-part post of every single Major League umpire’s strikeout call (part 1, part 2), all 72 of them. If you’re a fan of baseball and on a decent Internet connection it’s definitely worth checking out. From shadow punches, to leg lifts and kung fu fighing stances, the […]


How To: Handle A Hater

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As a betch, it is likely that you will one day attract some less-than-positive attention from one of the many jealous sidepieces that the bros you hang out with bring around. These pseudo-betches lack the confidence necessary to be a full on betch like yourself and have allowed their asymmetrical faces and knock off bags […]


Back to El Futuro! Anthony Weiner awkwardly courts Hispanic voters [video]

DON'T OPEN IT! RT @DanFosterType: My inbox, from Anthony Weiner: "El Futuro" — David Freddoso (@freddoso) August 21, 2013 Olé! El Weiñer rides again — en español! Well, sort of: Just got a campaign email from #Weiner with the subject line "El Futuro" but the email itself was in English #yougottabekidding #NYCmayor — Brandon […]


8 Foods That Are Shockingly Good For You

Most people probably think that to start eating healthier, they have to give up all the junk foods they enjoy most. This is patently wrong. Many foods even have hidden health benefits (like video game power-ups without the cool sound effects). Here are eight of the coolest. 8 Candy Extends Lifespan Some scientists, who possibly […]


Jason Collins comes out: Clinton, media swoon; Others yawn ‘who cares?’

Idk why Jason Collins being gay is a story. Who cares? Media always trying to push things to another level. Shouldn't even be a story. — Davin Knowles (@Davin_Ryan) April 29, 2013 Bingo. The NBA’s Jason Collins came out as gay in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated. HISTORICAL MOMENT: Washington Wizards center Jason Collins […]