Hilarious Dog Emergencies As Told By 9-1-1 Canine Operators — LOL

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For the most part, our pups are pretty content going to the park, getting treats, and plenty of belly rubs. It’s a rare occasion that they have an emergency, but when they do, it’s often life or death. Looking for examples of said emergencies? A ball is stuck under the couch. There’s someone at the […]


The Palaeolithic Diet And The Unprovable Links To Our Past

We still hear and read a lot about how a diet based on what our Stone Age ancestors ate may be a cure-all for modern ills. But can we really run the clock backwards and find the optimal way to eat? It’s a largely impossible dream based on a set of fallacies about our ancestors. […]


25 Animals Shocked At The World

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With everything going on in the world around us, can you blame these hilarious 25 animals shocked at the world? 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 […]


The Game and fans attack ‘racist’ ‘hoe’ Malkin; threaten rape & death!/thegame/status/279400916757671936 Let’s try and decipher this for standard English-speaking people. Rapper The Game is urging his followers to boycott something called “Fox News 11,” as well as Twitchy founder and columnist Michelle Malkin (or someone else named “Michlle” — it’s a little confusing). RT @thegame: #BOYCOTTFOXNEWS11 & @michllemalkin !!!!!! RT- Skee we cant let them […]


Fox producer Jesse Watters interviews spring breakers on Obama!/theblaze/status/182803540559933440 Horrifyingly hilarious. Via The Blaze: Adam Smith is the father of “layez fair” economics. The unemployment rate is “99 percent.” And the debt is “like 17 gazillion.” Those are just some of the brilliant comments Fox producer Jesse Watters got when he went down to Panama City, FL to interview college students on spring […]