25 of the Biggest Tattoo Fails Ever

Getting a tattoo is a really big decision. After all, while you can pay a lot of money (and pain) to get it removed, most will become a permanent fixture on your body. Thats why its kind of sort of super important that you, you know, make sure its spelled correctly. These folks should have […]


10 Disgusting Materials Used For Great Innovations

Not all that glitters is gold. In fact, some of the most amazing and revolutionary achievements on the horizon are also the most stomach-churning. 10Diaper Electricity The Japanese are known for having longer life spans. Centenarians are more common among them than anywhere else in the world, and people over the age of 65 make […]


This Guy Got An Insane Amount Of Tinder Matches For One Single Reason (Photos)

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From cheesy pick-up lines to the signature tiger pic, guys use all sorts of strategies to pick up women on dating apps. But one dude may have just figured out the ultimate secret to landing a date from Tinder. One Reddit user who goes by the username Whatevermaynrevealed how afriend got 1,609 Tinder matches in […]


‘Wow!’ This Obama lie flashback is astounding [pic]

, , ,!/amympayne/status/433960925570154497 What sparked a “wow”? Oh, just this:!/baseballcrank/status/433805550602567680 President Pants on Fire strikes again!!/cayankee/status/433983149962711040!/PresidentMesser/status/433970967124406272 What? He totally has his super-duper pen now. Plus, he was just kidding, guys!!/Neoavatara/status/433807189765939201!/WalshFreedom/status/433837575594192896 It would be hilarious if it wasn’t, you know, infuriating. The lies are apparently endless. Period. Related: Obama to Hollande: ‘As president, […]


Once Again, the Internet Goes Crazy Giving Animals Goofy New Names

The very literal jokers (and possibly stoners) on the Internet are back at it again giving animals oddly specific and hilarious names based on…well, based on pretty much anything. via: The Chive So if you’re intrigued by what a leather tank, disco turkey, or joyful ouchball might be, you’ll want to take a look at […]


Kanye Wrote A Bizarre Poem About McDonald’s For Frank Ocean


In case you thought you and Kanye West had nothing in common, guess again:Kanye also strugglesto fight against the evil power ofMcDonald’s fries. “I always knew them French fries was evil man / Smelling all good and shit” According to Pitchfork, Kanye West wrote a poem, “The McDonald’s Man,” that was featured in Frank Ocean’s […]


Tweet of the day from WaPo: ‘Sarah Palin has not signed on with Al Jazeera America’!/washingtonpost/status/301388969378185216 Heh. Obvious tweet is obvious — unless you’re “real journalist” Suzi Parker. The Washington Post tweeted a correction this afternoon after the ever-dependable Twitterverse pointed out that Parker’s Palin Derangement Syndrome gums up the gears of her satire-detector. Best tweet of the day.RT @washingtonpostCORRECTION: Sarah Palin has not signed on with Al Jazeera America […]