Heart Attack Deaths More Likely At Christmas

Christmas holidays can be a risky time for both your bank balance and your state of mind, but there is also some research indicating it is a time when you are at higher risk of dying from a heart attack. To date most of the evidence for an increased risk of heart-related deaths over the […]


BURN! Ben Shapiro seriously EMBARRASSED Sally Kohn in back-and-forth over Gianforte election

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Greg Gianfortewon in Montana even though he allegedly ‘body slammed’ a reporter. What’s most interesting (hilarious) about this win is not necessarily that it happened … but that even though it likely DID happen, Democrats still couldn’t win. At polling place in Bozeman, haven't found anyone yet who changed their mind bc of last night's […]


Questions From Yahoo Answers That Should Have Never Been Asked

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Yahoo answers: A beautiful place full of some really hilarious insights into the human mind. Check some of these golden nuggets out: Read more:


Sh*t Politicians Say

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AmericansElect created this hilarious political parody of the now famous Sh*t Girls Say fad to bring light to what our election system has become. Politicians on both sides seem to all have the same message: Elect me and I’ll fulfill your wildest dreams. Of course, once elected, things always seem to stay the same, or even get worse… […]


Pete Holmes Interviews James Harden (Video)

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Comedian Pete Holmes interviews NBA star James Harden for his new late night show on TBS. Hilarity ensues. (PG-13 language) via Next Impulse Sports Read more: