10+ Times Ryan Reynolds Was The King Of Twitter

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Ryan Reynolds is the king of Twitter. There’s is no arguing with that. But just in case you don’t agree, you can take a look at his hilarious parenting tweets, his tweets that were pure gold, or his tweets responding to horny fans. Show Full Text Not enough proof for you? Below, Bored Panda has […]


This Smartass Student Found a Giant, Note-Card-Sized Loophole in Their Teacher’s Rule and Got Away with It

ome people find the smallest opening and take full advantage of it. A community college teacher recently discovered this when he allowed his students to bring in a 3×5 reference notecard for an accounting exam. But one student took advantage of the situation, in a creative and highly courageous manner… Accounting professor Reb Beatty instructed […]


Guy Finds Hilarious Relationship Contract Between 8th Graders And Shares It Online

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I was 12 when I got my first girlfriend. We went to a school disco together and, during some kind of naff dance, I said “So you just wanna be my girlfriend of something?” and she went “yeah alright.” Nothing really happened after that. We went to see a film or two and eventually broke […]


16 Custom License Plates That Are Nothing Short of Cringeworthy

It’s possible that, at one time, custom license plates were a pretty cool thing. But nowadays, it seems like they’re only reserved for loudmouths who are probably VERY insecure. Sometimes, they can still be clever, but not very frequently. However, we’re not ones to judge. You can do that for yourself with this gallery. Booyah […]


‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Releases Hilarious ‘Peeno Noir’ Parody

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Season two of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ drops onto Netflix on the 15th April, and we can’t wait. Apparently, neither can the cast of Orange is the New Black who, in a genius pieceof marketing, have produced a parody of Titus’ iconic song “Peeno Noir”. There’s an ode to “Honey Jar” (prison hooch) as opposed to […]