Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, Proves Parenting Is Fun

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Indianapolis based blogger James Breakwell is considered by some to be the funniest dad on Twitter. His secret? He just tweets his daily conversations with his 4 daughters, all under the age of six, on his twitter XplodingUnicorn. The account has over 300 thousand followers, and Breakwell’s daughters love the attention: They like what I […]


#MuslimRage: Murderer-apologist Left flips, starts #ChristianRage!/elisefoley/status/247710432129843200 Christian rage? What on earth could have possibly sparked that? Oh, just a little truth, of course. The truth always makes the Left lash out. This week's Newsweek cover, on newsstands & the iPad today: #MuslimRage! Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes on how she survived it — Newsweek (@Newsweek) September 17, 2012 Want to […]


Jonah Hill Sent Drake His Food Diary For This Hilarious Reason

As far as accidental email stories go, this one about Jonah Hill and Drake is about as bizarre as it gets. Recently, actor Jonah Hill joined the set of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and started telling a story about how he had to gain weight for a movie called “War Dogs.” Naturally, Hill […]


Artist Turns Animals’ Problems Into Hilarious Comics (Photos)

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Geoffrey Hewer-Candee If you thought humans were the only ones with problems, you’ve probably never considered the daily dilemmas faced by other species. Unless, of course, you are Geoffrey Hewer-Candee. This artist found a way to highlight the problems of the animal kingdom by creating a charming illustration series called Animal Problems, and it’s nothing […]


10+ Hilarious Animal Snapchats Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

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While some complain that technology and social networks are consuming our social lives, we don’t entirely agree because we feel there’s one thing that completely justifies their use. That’s animal pictures, and Bored Panda has created a pawesome list of pets winning at Snapchat, which will bring a smile to your face! Show Full Text […]


People are incorporating coconut oil in their diet – Times of India

Being a Malayali, Anitha Mohan was used to food cooked in coconut oil. However, after reading reports of it hiking cholesterol levels, she switched to vegetable oil. But the bottle of coconut oil is back on her shelf. The difference is it is now in its extra virgin, cold pressed avatar. Read more:


15+ Hilarious Comics By Owl Turd

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Owl Turd Comix by college senior Shenanigansen are funny and absurd. The Massachusetts-based artist began to post comics in his sophomore year, and picked the website name one late night because it was cheap. Shen, the comic’s protagonist, is loosely based on Shenanigansen and often voices his unspoken thoughts. Shenanigansen is inspired by other web […]


True Facts About The Owl

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After a short hiatus, popular YouTuber Ze Frank has returned with another serving of his hilarious and entertaining True Facts series.  In this episode that is already trending, Frank covers a slew of interesting ‘facts’ about the common barn owl.    Read more: