Rob Lowe marks ’23 years sober’, tweets pic of his ‘backside’!/twitstarama/status/332803264313716736 Sigh. Surfer lingo. But it’s a great pic anyway. In other Rob Lowe news, the actor is marking 23 years of sobriety. Congrats, Mr. Lowe! Related: Stranger than fiction: Carney’s presser gives Rob Lowe ‘West Wing’ flashback Budding bromance? Rob Lowe tweets selfie at sea; Gavin Rossdale […]


Planned Parenthood cartoon helps male allies check their privilege

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While footage of many #BlackLivesMatter protests shows plenty of white “allies” horning in on the action, you might remember when #BlackLivesMatter leaders in Boston drafted a list of guidelines forthose allies. For example, whites were directed to “stay off the megaphone,” “follow the direction of black leadership,” and stick to carrying appropriate signs, such as […]


8 Things That Matter More Than College Bowl Games

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If it feels like the football season has been going on forever, you're basically right. But after this week, all that's left is the National Championship Game, and then we wait until next year to blackout at a tailgate. Over the last few days there have been like 500 bowl games, and some people care […]