Watch Kristen Bell satirize discrimination in the workplace.

A hilarious video by The Huffington Post combines two big issues in last years election and weaves them together perfectly: outsourcing and workplace equality. In the video, Kristen Bell (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Frozen”) stars as an advocate for Pinksourcing, a great new way for companies to maximize their output while cutting back on costs. How […]


If Famous Hollywood Actors Were Batman

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There’s been a lot of Batman actors over the years. First there was Michael Keaton in the first two Batman films. Then, George Clooney smeared the Batman franchise in Batman & Robin. Then, there was Val Kilmer in Batman Forever. Finally, Christian Bale starred in the most recent rebooted Dark Knight series. But who will Hollywood choose to be the […]


Smack-tastic! Dana Loesch, others slam President Nobel Peace Prize!/DLoesch/status/372486799483863040 Bam! As Twitchy readers know, Iowahawk noted the staggering liberal war hypocrisy and divulged what has happened to war protesters. Givers also helped President Obama name his war. Others, including the always fierce Dana Loesch, are noting a little something else:!/dcseth/status/372565617578344448 Heh. Drudge editor Joseph Curl has a question:!/josephcurl/status/372500723457470465 And this Twitter […]


North Korean Defector Found Riddled With Large And Unusual Organisms

On Monday, a North Korean soldier was shot six times by his former comrades as he attempted to make an escape through the Korean Demilitarized Zone and defect to the South. While recovering from his injuries in a South Korean hospital, doctors discovered his intestines were riddled with large and unusual parasites, providing a rare insight into […]