Top 10 Signs Of Evolution In Modern Man

Through history, as natural selection played its part in the development of modern man, many of the useful functions and parts of the human body become unnecessary. What is most fascinating is that many of these parts of the body still remain in some form so we can see the progress of evolution. This list […]


See The Hilariously Epic Response After Prosecutors Kept Requesting A Statement From A Police Dog.

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The law is a tricky beast to tackle. Trials, witnesses, evidence and precedent are all part of a complicated system that should hopefully result in justice. Sometimes, there are misunderstandings and difficult waters to navigate. But what happened to the West Midlands Police Department was absolutely ridiculous. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) repeatedly contacted the department, hoping […]


Tilikum, SeaWorlds “Blackfish” Orca, May Be Terminally Ill

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Tilikum, the killer whalethatfeatured in thedocumentary “Blackfish,” is currently suffering from a bacterial lung infection thatveterinarians at SeaWorld fear may kill him. In a video posted on the parks blog, staff vet Scott Gearhart explained that the orca has what we believe to be a respiratory condition that is very difficult to treat, adding that […]


30+ Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-Paw-Sible Not To Laugh At (New Pics)

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Snapchat, being a visual storytelling medium, has naturally been taken over by the same cute furballs that dominate all social media platforms, cats. If you were ever in doubt as to why we are so fascinated by our feline friends, why we spend so much of our time taking pictures of them, writing about them, […]


These 18 Kids Are Way Too Literal About Everything

Kids know how to do and say the darndest things, and sometimes they don’t even mean to be funny. When parents and teachers give kids instructions, they expect them to be followed. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us), kids tend to take things a little bit too literally sometimes. Here are 18 times kids […]