‘Is this real life?!’ Bassist nails Beyoncé’s #BanBossy hypocrisy


Jason Dean is the bassist for alternative pop band Artist vs Poet. (Trivia tidbit: Joe Kirkland, the band’s lead vocalist, competed on season three of “The Voice.”)

On Monday, Dean caught wind of Beyoncé’s participation in the FLOTUS-approved campaign to ban the word “bossy.” Because, you know, nothing helps girls develop leadership skills like the asinine banning of words. “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss,” Beyoncé declares in her endorsement of #BanBossy.

Dean pointed out the laughable feminist hypocrisy in a series of tweets about Bey and her husband, Jay Z. Like a boss:!/jasonavp/status/443121177414729728

But that’s, like, empowerment or something. Nothing at all like uttering the word “bossy.”!/jasonavp/status/443122238305226752

Dean also retweeted these tweets.!/jasonavp/status/443123558021988353

One Twitter user tried to bansplain the news all Vox-style:!/jasonavp/status/443125021393702913!/jasonavp/status/443126655884619776

More empowerment:!/iamChrisJohnson/status/443136212539154433!/jasonavp/status/443137378530516992

Full “Big Pimpin’” lyrics here.!/jasonavp/status/443157480592261120

Dean also noted what he called the “ASTOUNDING” irony of the #BanBossy movement.!/jasonavp/status/443158735498645504

She’s not the boss of us, either.

Own it, ladies!


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