Am I an ass for thinking this is hilarious?

15 responses to “Am I an ass for thinking this is hilarious?”

  1. cocoacoca says:


  2. catl1kethief says:

    And over to Ollie Williams with the weather..

  3. BadIdeasTom says:

    I thought sumbody be bar-b-q’in

  4. threezerothree says:

    Worst firefighter ever

  5. Agent says:

    In the words of Homer “Okay, that shows you what COULD POTENTIALLY HAPPEN…”

  6. Whetu says:

    wow, everyone was just at zero votes then, downvoters are out.

  7. GreenArrow420 says:

    everything changed when the fire nation attacked

  8. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Looks like they’ve got a… hot news story.

  9. TrueBlackWings says:

    ok so when i saw this for some reason i assumed it took place in russia….i dont know why

  10. iwilltakewhatyousaidandmakeitdirtysomehow says:

    “oh shit i’m on fire, yo hold this for me”

  11. IAmCaptainObvious says:

    New meaning to the term Firefighter?

  12. Malikhi says:

    Everything changed when the fire nation… derped?

  13. mangoose says:

    This guy is the complete opposite of a firefighter.

  14. SonnyWho1972 says:

    That accelerent’ed quickly

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