Martha MacCallum has the perfect advice for guys looking to get engaged!/SGTSHEW/status/519132535423795202

Earlier today, Twitchy posted the hilarious video of an engagement proposal gone wrong when the hot air balloon hired by a California man to surprise his girlfriend with his marriage proposal developed technical issues and made an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean.

And Fox News’ Martha MacCallum has the perfect advice for other guys thinking of trying something like this to impress their future brides — don’t:

#Hotairbaloonengagement disaster. Enough guys – just propose at a nice romantic dinner – life is not #TheBachelor !

— martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) October 6, 2014


@marthamaccallum Well said Martha!!

— Erin Barnes (@ErinBarnes8) October 6, 2014

Well said, indeed. But whose fault is this anyway? Maybe the girls are putting too much pressure on the guys:

@marthamaccallum Sadly, girls want romantic proposals to be asked to a high school dance! It's girls that are pressuring the boys.

— Bossy Grama (@DinaSews) October 6, 2014

Is it time for a #YesAllMen hashtag for future grooms to share the pressure of impressing their ladies? Maybe so guys, maybe so.


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