Jumping on the 'first image liked' bandwagon. Still hilarious

9 responses to “Jumping on the 'first image liked' bandwagon. Still hilarious”

  1. TheTylertoyourDoctor says:

    As a woman, this is hilarious

  2. shadowex3 says: – you got through school without having to read that? Education IS lacking these days.

  3. kimbathewhitelion says:


  4. Cassiopeia93 says:

    somewhere a feminist is crying out loud “OMG YOU TREAT WOMEN LIKE A LIFELESS OBJECT, LIKE A CAR!!!”

  5. anotherone13 says:

    and it begins

  6. iwuvwainbows says:

    I feel like a noob! I’m only a month old in imgur years…..

  7. ChewableJim says:

    Condemning wife-beating while still coming off as sexist. That takes some serious skill.

  8. goofhole says:

    oh another women are your property jokes, HAR HAR HAR

  9. ayjayn says:

    it makes a good point in a way

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