I Am Woman, Hear Me Lift, Uplift Studios Review

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This week’s GYST review features our first ever all female workout studio. If you’re into a workout that’s exclusively designed for the female body and taught by energetic-without-being-annoying instructors that look like they’re on a break from Center Stage 2 filming, Uplift is for you.

The Deets:

Uplift Studios is a workout facility exclusively for women and located in the Flatiron district. They offer personal training, a ‘bridal workshop’ for the bride who wants to lose 15 pounds before the big day, and three group classes that are taught several times a week. The studio is at 24 West 23rd Street, Floor 2. The three classes they offer are Strength, HIIT, and Sculpt Fusion.

The first class we took was HIIT which stands for high intensity interval training and it was hard as fuck. Come to think of it, all the classes were hard and we were sore for a few days after. The HIIT class was a mix of cardio boot camp and weight training so you felt like you got a full body workout but also some a lot of cardio. The strength training class was really good for making sure I couldn’t move for two straight days. Seriously my arms and shoulders made me feel like Hilary Swank in fucking Million Dollar Baby but I guess that’s the point. Finally, we did scupt fusion which was like 5 minutes of yoga interspersed with intense strength training using weights.

Are you going to be sore the next day?

Definitely after strength training, maybe after scupt fusion and HIIT. Strength training will beat the shit out of your upper arms.

Locker Room cleanliness

Nothing to write home about but it was simple, clean, and green. No complaints.

Music quality

The music was pretty standard and they did a good job segueing from upbeat fast paced shit to slower more relaxing stuff for the sculpt fusion classes.

Is the instructor actually skinny?

The instructors were all beautiful and toned. They were also like the perfect level of helpful without being irritating about you doing it perfect. They were what I like to call down-to-earth-enthusiastic which means peppy but not so much that I wanted to inject them with a Xanax to calm the fuck down as I do in a lot of cardio focused workouts.

How in shape do you have to be?

You can be pretty much all shapes and sizes although most of the women who we saw in attendance were pretty fit. It’s the kind of thing you can do at any weight but you’ll definitely be better at it if you have some experience/muscle tone.

Would you go back?

For sure. Their staff was their major selling point. Also, I liked that their classes were pretty small and they had all the workout shit laid out for you upon arrival so you didn't have to go and gather all the props in the beginning of class. 

Was it a full body workout?

Yeah I think I worked pretty much every muscle in my body in all three classes. Sculpt fusion did wonders for my ass.

General thoughts/ feelings / concerns

Uplift offers classes that are good but not uncommon in Manhattan. Their defining feature/selling point is their really helpful and friendly staff that were really accommodating and friendly.  They also offer HIIT happy hours where you can have a glass of wine after your workout on Friday evenings; if you’re into that sort of thing which TBH I’m not.

The general take home is that if you’re into a workout facility where you don’t have to worry about running into any bros checking out your armpit sweat or even gay BFFs who will get all competitive with you, Uplift is the place for you.

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