Mum Hilariously Mocks Parents Who Dress Their Kids ‘Cool’

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With the help of her ‘imaginary daughter Quinoa’, one woman is causingquite a storm on Pinterest..

Not by ‘pinning’ healthy paleo recipes and eyeshadow ideas – no. This woman is captioning photos of kids dressed pretentiously, and she seems to have struck a chord…

Here’s a quick example:

“There was an awkward moment at Coachella when Quinoa took her new assistant Fleek into the pop-up forest installation and explained that an acorn sash should never be worn with a gilded bird and where was he raised anyway, at Kohls?”

Nightmare. Here are some of our other favourites:

Hilarious. Head over to Tiffany’s Pinterest to check out more.

H/T The Chive

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