It’s Like Working Out At A Club: 305 Fitness Review

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If you’re looking for a workout class in the city that incorporates the fun club atmosphere of Soul Cycle or like, an actual club, but also one that gets you off a bike then 305 Fitness is for you. After watching Center Stage we were like, alright we need to find a dance-work out class asap. We were a little nervous because as with attending most dance classes for the first time you A) don’t know any of the choreography B) think you’re going to be extraordinarily awkward and C) get an email saying the class you’re attending will be filmed for a segment for Fox News. After a few back and forth texts Omg I cannot be on TV like breaking it down, and This is our chance to make it into Cooper Nielsons Ballet Company!, we decided there was no chance we were backing out of this shit.

The Deets:

305 Fitness is a dance fitness class. It’s in the dark. There’s a DJ. It’s 55 minutes. Complete Body at 22 W 19th Street and weekend classes are at PMT Dance at 69 W 14th street.

Was it a good workout?

Holy shit. You’re basically moving non stop for the entire time with 1-3 short breaks for water. It's a great workout but I would easily have been happier if the class had been 45 minutes long and the instructor concentrated on stretching for much longer at the end because I shouldn’t have to like, depend on my trainer to stretch me out you know?

Do you have to be a dancer?

Nah. The moves are pretty repetitive and much more focused on cardio rather than dance/choreography. You can be totes awkward and it’ll be fine. Plus it’s in the dark so no one will really see you. Unless there’s you know, a national news film crew in the class.

Are you going to be sore the next day?

MHMMM. We were so sore we were even IMing each other about it. My ass hurt. Betch 2’s legs hurt. My lower back hurt but that’s prob because I was doing something wrong or I’m pregnant or something. Cross your fingers guys!!

Locker Room cleanliness

I didn’t check out the locker room because they made me put my shit inside of some office that they locked. According to their website they’re building their own studio so they’re currently renting gym rooms so I’m assuming this is temporary.

Music quality

I over heard the Fox people asking them to make the music super Miami focused so there was a lot of Pitbull. Dale. But generally it was definitely upbeat and motivating. However I would have liked something more current rather than Timber and JLo.

Is the instructor actually skinny?

Ripped. I didn’t want her body but like, I would take one ab.

How in shape do you have to be?

No offense but you can’t be a heavy one. You move a lot. And if you are unfit you’re taking this class to lose weight so good for you.

Would you go back?

I think so. Maybe if someone told me what kind of music I was going to get.

Was it a full body workout?

There was a very short period of arms with weights where there weren’t enough weights and I was using 7 pounds in one hand and 8 pounds in the other. So my right tricep is clearly so huge right now.

We did no crunches and very little abs but I think the 8192910 high knees we did probs made up for that. But personally I love a good plank.

Fucking squats. We did many squats. We did a lot of pulsing in the squat position. My asssssss.

General thoughts/ feelings / concerns:

When the Fox guy’s camera wasn’t literally (and I mean literally literally) up my ass, I generally had a good time. However I had a sour taste in my mouth towards the end because the instructor was like “this is the last exercise – you guys are at the end!” And then she was like just kidding one more! And then she’s like, you guys are done get water. At that point I was like NUH UH not cool yo. I do not appreciate being lied to. Unless the lies are about how many calories are actually in froyo. BUT THEN she was like ONE MORE SONG! I may have said REALLY BITCH? out loud. But the song was good and surprisingly energizing so I was down.

So if you’re looking for a different and great workout, we highly recommend 305 Fitness. I think it’s safe to say that Sandy Cohen won’t be calling us the girls with the bad feet any time soon.

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