I love fun. but I still thought this was hilarious

17 responses to “I love fun. but I still thought this was hilarious”

  1. twelfthfantasy says:

    And their 1980s tomboy hairstyles.

  2. stephendickey says:


  3. BeingDrunkAtThisHourIsNotSociallyAppropriate says:

    As a woman, I can say with absolute certainty that I will never, ever, ever date a man who wears tighter jeans than I do.

  4. socksnatcher says:

    you hate fun? well aren’t you a debbie downer.

  5. Thatrugreallytiedtheroomtogether says:

    Some Nights I wonder why guys wear these.

  6. twelfthfantasy says:

    They’ll help you hit the high notes, though

  7. madrisimo7 says:

    Who names a band “Fun.”. I don’t get it.

  8. ScarecrowBoat says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t associate skinny jeans with girl jeans? Everyone has their own style.

  9. rugbycat says:


  10. stephendickey says:

    I like not ever being able to comment because it just disappears….

  11. madrisimo7 says:


  12. meatballlady says:

    +1 for no red box

  13. RobotBathroomAssassin says:

    Meh. The quality of these images of late has been piss-poor. I want my funny imgur back.

  14. ativan says:

    Pants that tight don’t sound like fun for my junk.

  15. Dunnow1 says:

    Where is the red arrow?? Where do I have to look at?!

  16. kezia123 says:

    I love Cake though. Who doesn’t love Cake?

  17. twelfthfantasy says:

    He doesn’t hate fun. He hates fun..

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