Instagram For Windows 95 Is Both Hilarious And Beautiful

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Remember way back when Instagram used to look like this?

Those were the days. People posted pictures of things they liked and placed they’d been instead of every single meal they’ve ever eaten, and Miley Cyrus wasn’t 24/7 trying to find craft ways of getting her nipples into her pictures.

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Now, in 2016, it looks like this and the fun of sharing nice pictures has sort of gone as the edges have been trimmed and everyone’s after their 15 seconds of fame.

But imagine if it were around in a more simpler time. In a day were the internet was a treat and not a right. What would it be like then with its 8-bit graphics and two-tone pictures? What would Instagram be like if it were available on Windows 95?

LuckilyRussian animator Misha Petrick has done the hard work for us and delivered these fantastic gifs to the world…

Also, there’d be no ridiculous Snapchat rip off!

I want it. I want to be sharing images 21 years ago. Curses.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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