I’m Sure They’re Incredibly Annoyed But I Still Find This Ridiculously Cute. #3 Is Hilarious.

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We humans aren’t the only ones who occasionally have our bodies rattled by a surprise case of the hiccups. Our furry and adorable little friends get those involuntary spasmodic contractions just the same as we do, except when it happens to them, it’s a million times cuter. Here are 10 examples of cute kittens, puppies and even a seal with an uncontrollable case of hiccups.

1) This kitten must have drank its milk too fast.

2) Seal has an epic hiccup.

3) French Bulldog puppy can’t contol the hiccups.

4) Tired kitty scares its siblings with a hiccup.

5) Sleeping pup with uncontrollable hiccups.

6) This cat’s moment of relaxation is ruined by a hiccup.

7) This lil corgi seems a bit confused about the whole thing.

8) Cute husky puppy with a little case of the hiccups.

9) Newborn English Golden Retriever puppy.

10) Sleeping kitten has the hiccups.

Aww poor little guys, I almost feel bad at giggling at their expensive. But then hiccups are the most natural things ever. Share these hiccuping critters with your friends below.

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