Sick: Vicious libs ask ‘does Paul Ryan forcibly rape his wife,’ wish rape on her!/BlairJonathan/status/256580761711435776

What is wrong with these people? Threatening Janna Ryan with rape?

As Twitchy reported, Paul Ryan spoke about seeing the ultrasound of his daughter and calling her “bean.” The unhinged immediately began making sick abortion jokes. Other morally bankrupt gutter sludge wished Ryan and Romney had been aborted. And some on Twitter took it a disturbing and sick step further.

Dear Paul Ryan: I’m pretty sure a rape victim wouldn’t look at her ultrasound & nickname her rapist’s fetus “Bean.” You really hate women.

— Kathryn Scaglione (@KathrynJScags) October 12, 2012

He hates women? What about these sickos wishing rape on Paul Ryan’s wife?

Paul Ryan let your wife get rape and pregnant and you keep the baby . # TeamBiden

— Monee Aniece (@UmmDollFace) October 12, 2012

if they were to ever get elected, i want someone to rape paul ryan wife and impregnate that bitch. Lets see if u want her to.keep it.

— Shelby GT500 (@VIPlaymate) October 12, 2012

Let someone rape and impregnate Ryan wife see how quick she thrown down a flight of steps

— Mo (@Mucaro206) October 10, 2012

Absolutely disgusting. Other Twitter users jump on another express train to vile and accuse Paul Ryan of raping his wife. And others.

Fuck is Ryan smiling for? He looks like he’s about to rape everybody out here. Hide yo kids, hide ya wife.

— Autumn (@viva_lajuicey) October 12, 2012

I mean, beyond the obvious. Is there something seriously wrong with Ryan’s wife? She looks literally hysterical. Does he forcibly rape her?

— Bethany Slim Fobare (@blfobare) October 12, 2012

Paul Ryan is gonna violently rape his wife tonight….. Along with 5 other innocent people.

— Sayed Islam (@FollowSayed) October 12, 2012

Paul Ryan did u rape ur wife to conceive ‘Bean’

— Sherri (@koolaidebabe) October 12, 2012

How do these people sleep at night? Utterly sickening. Rape is just so hilarious! Others continue in a similar vein by demagoguing rape. This is a typical leftist move that reprehensibly diminishes rape and re-victimizes the victims. They don’t care, though. The end justifies the means, even if the means is raped women. The soulless, you see, have no moral compass whatsoever.

Hey Paul Ryan quick question …. If your wife got raped, would you still have fun smiling at that #limabean?

— topFLIGHT.™ (@ElLocoOcho) October 12, 2012

So Ryan, if you wife gets raped, then will you support abortions #didijustgotofat #ithinkso

— phil adikes (@phil8adikes) October 12, 2012

Ryan: “i saw that little bean in my wife’s ultrasound, and i knew i had to stop women who are raped from getting abortions.”

— Jeff Marks (@_jeffmarks) October 12, 2012

My husband: “I think if Ryan’s wife got raped and lived, he’d want an abortion. He wouldn’t want to raise that baby.”#debate @joebiden

— Mary Beth White (@MaryBethTeaches) October 12, 2012

And a little race card mixed with disgusting rape demagoguery.

If Ryan’s wife was raped by a Black man I wonder if science would come into play. #Yp4cdebate

— Wendy L. Wilson (@WendyLWilson_) October 12, 2012

For shame. Absolutely despicable. War on women? What do you call this?

Paging leftist “feminists!” And Obama cultist, actress Melanie Griffith, who called Republicans mean and lacking compassion. Of course, we won’t hold our breaths. It’s totally okay to wish rape on someone, if you think her husband is icky. Remember this, ladies. This is your war on women.

Will President Obama call Janna Ryan?


@secretservice : Please check out this collation of threats made against the family of a VP nominee.

— Moe Lane (@moelane) October 12, 2012


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