‘Mission accomplished’? ‘Fixed’ still full of fail [pics]

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Wait, what? That can’t be! HHS told us that the revamp of has resulted in “dramatic improvement.” Mission accomplished and all! Period.

Not according to attempted users of the website, however. The “fixed” site is still full of fail.!/JessicaClackum/status/407326954107314176!/joelpollak/status/407276146917527553!/nicktesla2010/status/407333260125937664!/vaughn_shirley/status/407233608894517248!/Charlottesville/status/407302272909967360!/adamtw1010/status/407295042185736192!/seanshannon/status/407308370337488896!/charliespiering/status/407190297894854656

It’s not any better on Monday morning either.!/charliespiering/status/407470452752142336

Whoops! Heck of a job, Barry.



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