Is this depiction of what Obama made for Putin the best thing ever? [pic]

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Twitter user @Zoeythegreat rightly scored big with this hilarious depiction of what President Obama made for Vladimir Putin.!/zoeythegreat/status/440908121360179200

That is absolutely perfect. Perfect. Seriously wiping tears. Is that the best thing ever?!/bluestateTEA/status/440913585074475008!/juanitocabrone/status/440917740199485440!/exjon/status/440920174728728576

Indeed. We at Twitchy have not fallen down on that job. @Zoeythegreat’s tweets are consistently feature-worthy! Now with more hilarious macaroni art.!/awnelson17/status/440908775252176896

President Macaroni Art and “Conflict Resolution Boy” Secretary of State Kerry. Sigh. How inspiring!!/awnelson17/status/440924136865406976



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