A hilarious situation that arised in the Crusader Kings II GoT mod

17 responses to “A hilarious situation that arised in the Crusader Kings II GoT mod”

  1. iwishiwasawhale says:

    This mod is incredible. I was playing it once & a character called George Martin showed up at court. I was excited. It was awesome.

  2. smartacus says:

    THIS is a 4chan story

  3. spazzickwaldotron says:

    french fries

  4. WantsTumblrDead says:

    He’s a hilarious mothertrucker.

  5. OsamaBinModdin says:

    Not the kind of green text stories I’m accustomed to.

  6. miasanmia says:

    Whoa, I was posting in that thread.

  7. PabloPicassowasnevercalledanasshole says:


    *arose, my Liege.

  9. AWanderingMan says:

    That’s because this is probably /tg/ or one of the uncommon civilized threads on /v/. 4chan’s not all porn and r/spacedicks material.

  10. TwoRoadsDivergedInAWoodAndIITookTheOneLessTraveledBy says:

    *arose, Mr. President.

  11. IamANewt says:

    as difficult as we all find this to believe, its probably true. but we’ll never know

  12. Zrode says:

    This has more plot twists than A Storm of Swords

  13. VulShanna says:

    Because he’s the king?

  14. darthdj31 says:

    My friends and I play CK2, I need to tell them this lol.

  15. hoorahforsnakes says:


  16. craggyp says:

    this made me LOL imgining it happening in westeros…

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