The Look on This Guy’s Face When Autocorrect Screws Up His Keynote Presentation Is Perfect

During yesterday’s keynote presentation for the iPad Air 2 release, the guy controlling the visual demonstration was supposed to type “Utah road trip.” Autocorrect had something else in mind and 15 seconds into the video, the man’s disgust with the mistake is captured on camera…

Of course, his mistake continues to appear over the next minute as the text appears several times on the screen, especially when a feature is highlighted that requires the typo to be featured front and center.

But as funny as the mistake is, it’s the man’s look of disgust with himself and with the technology that turned “Uta” into “It’s” instead of adding an “h” that made the moment hilarious.

In case you missed it in the video, here it is again in a GIF…

iPad Air 2a

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a close-up…

iPad Air 2

Via: Reddit

We’ve all been where this guy was, but for most of us it wasn’t live on camera in front of millions of people. Thankfully, we now have the perfect GIF to send our boss when it’s just time to admit that there’s nothing we can do to fix our latest mistake.

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