Desperate Hipster Tried To Crowdfund Dates So He Could Find True Love

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In the neverending quest to find The One, one poetry-writing, cocktail-pouring, bearded hipster looked for love in a hopeless place: Indiegogo.

His name is Tom Packer, and his story goes as follows.

Last week, Packer set up an Indiegogo page, urging people to help fund 13 of his dates as he searched for true love.

Interested parties could pledge as low as one British pound — for which they’d receive a “personal email” from Packer, thanking them for the support — to 500 British pounds, for which they’d get a date with Tom in London, and he’d write them a personal poem.

According to a comment Packer made on Instagram, the whole thing is a joke; in fact, the Indiegogo page has since been deleted.

Before it was deleted, however, a man named Phil created his own crowdfunding account — to ruin Tom’s so-called dates.

He argues,

When I saw the guy crowdfunding his dates, I thought it was literally the end of humanity. Crowdfunding is for science and art and the advancement of the human race, not for people who can’t pay for their own dates.

Phil may need not worry, as Tom’s fundraising is, in fact, a scam.

Radio personality Gavin Murphy claims,

I was one of the people who donated £100 to get a date with Tom. Soon after donating, I was contacted by a PR company who is ‘working with Tom’ on the campaign to say he’s ended it early and wanted to give the money to charity. I replied to them to say I was happy for that to happen if I still get my date but apparently Tom wasn’t up for that.

Apparently, Gavin asked for his money back but has yet to receive it.

A representative from Tom’s PR company, Dynamo PR, confirmed the hoax.

Tom is a friend of ours, we had worked with him previously on a Mistletoe video campaign and got involved with him on this early on.

It was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek crowdfunding campaign. Some of the reaction has been hilarious but as you pointed out some of the tweets have been more aggressive, rather than funny so the page ended early.

All funds are being refunded to those who pledged.

What a clusterf*ck. The Internet is a weird, weird place, guys. Lesson learned.

This is Tom Packer.

This is Tom Packer’s poetry.

This is (was) Tom Packer’s Indiegogo page.


Tom’s prize for the highest bidders:


Tom’s prize for the lowest bidders:


Oh, wait… Now Tom says it’s a joke. GET IT TOGETHER, TOM.

Paul’s anti-Tom fundraiser.


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