My friend asked her server for a little more diet Coke.

19 responses to “My friend asked her server for a little more diet Coke.”

  1. Kilo9R says:

    I wish there was a Cheesecake Factory around where I lived, I would literally kill for a Factory Grande Burrito. Literally.

  2. carlbob says:

    It looks like someone just went behind me and downvoted your comments now….some people really are miserable haters.

  3. FonkyYack says:

    +1 For The Big Bang Theory !

  4. branodon6760 says:

    smart ass level 10

  5. AndrewChapman says:


  6. NotAmused1001 says:

    Yes, and the top comment is a repost of a comment from reddit. So, it’s a dual repost fuck-up.

  7. retrohellix says:


  8. mulletperson says:

    ah ok, so what your saying is …

  9. AtheistAnarchist says:

    Wow, so The Cheesecake Factory actually exists? Where’s Penny? ( I’m an Aussie, so totally ignorant)

  10. carlbob says:

    Thanks for your support. To show my gratitude, I just upvote bombed a large number of your comments. Live long and prosper friend. 🙂

  11. theh8ed says:

    I wonder what would have happened if you asked for a lot MORE…

  12. Avenger55 says:

    Waitress humor… 🙂

  13. asiddababa says:

    Salt and pepper shakers… Daleks in disguise!

  14. BARTELS says:

    I think The Cheesecake Factory is behind this repost.

  15. Vexertion says:

    guys guys guys!… guys…. who really f*cking cares?

  16. Tarvish says:

    Woah! She asked for a little, that’s WAY too much

  17. smelseatheawkwardturtle says:

    I’ve been a server and always loved having a co-worker that can find humor in any situation. And sometimes, that is hard in this industry.

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