Guy Finds Hilarious Relationship Contract Between 8th Graders And Shares It Online

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I was 12 when I got my first girlfriend. We went to a school disco together and, during some kind of naff dance, I said “So you just wanna be my girlfriend of something?” and she went “yeah alright.”

Nothing really happened after that. We went to see a film or two and eventually broke up just under a year later. Can’t even remember why. Absolutely no hoes involved, though. I’m sure of that.

The same can’t be said for whomever made this contract for their loved one, though. Apparently “hoes” are really getting between this 8th grade couple…

How do you blindly fist bump someone?

Also, the way she’s said “these hoes” implies there was some form of attached article that listed out the aforementioned “hoes”.

To be honest, this sounds like a very dysfunctional relationship. It also sounds like every relationship ever. Odd.

Good word formatting though.

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