Trump’s Son Falling Asleep During His Victory Speech Is Election’s Best Meme Yet

It was a late night for politics, and Donald Trump didnt deliver his victory speech until roughly 3 am in New York City after becoming our President-elect.

During his speech, the crowd was rambunctious. They applauded the nominee and chanted USA, USA, USA.

During the celebration, Donald Trumps 10-year-old son remained silent and indifferent on stage next to his victorious father, and it was kind of hilarious.

PoorBarron Trump looked as if he was going to pass out at any given moment while his father was speaking, and Twitter went wild.

Can we blame him, though? Hes 10 years old! Staying awake past 9 pm was a small victory when I was his age. If I made it to 3 am, Id consider myself a goddamn champion.

Twitter users immediately pointed outhow he acted during Trumps speech. He was swaying back and forth, rolling his eyes during the victory speech.

We get it, Barron. It was waypast your bedtime.

We are all Barron Trump.

Current mood: #BarronTrump.


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