‘BEST!’ ‘Red Eye’ fave’s #BanBossy win (Bonus: Paltrow split in one word)

, , ,!/BoyRaisin2/status/450101854462947328

Heh. Why is Gavin Mcinnes’ daughter part of the problem? And what problem? Oh, just this:!/Gavin_McInnes/status/450097941936873472

Giggling madly. Fox News “Red Eye” favorite Gavin McInnes scored with his zinger aimed at the ludicrous #BanBossy word police campaign. And this Twitter user points out a hilarious consequence of the #BanBossy absurdity.!/DavidHepworthJr/status/450110256404639744


McInnes also scored with this tweet that summed up the Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin split (or “uncoupling“) with three little letters.!/TylerRAndrews/status/449952983875211264

Gasping for breath indeed.!/iamthelummox/status/449967836669034496

Keep it coming, Mr. McInnes.


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