4 Lessons Every Girl Should Pick Up From ‘Broad City’

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Broad City/Comedy CentralBroad City/Comedy Central

Broad City/Comedy Central

In “Broad City,” Abbi and Ilana are two best friends traversing the wonky terrain of NYC during their mid-20s.

But, before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another one,” hold up.

It’s easy to draw comparisons to other female-focused sitcoms, but “Broad City” is nothing like the mold set for female television.

Instead of the glossy, cocktail-fused storylines of “Sex and the City” and the kitschy introspection of “Girls,” this show opts for gross humor and slapstick jokes.

The show’s best feature is that it’s relatable; it summarizes all of the unglamorous sh*t women deal with (in one case, literal sh*t – see episode seven, ‘Hurricane Wanda’).

Abbi and Ilana don’t do Sunday brunch, and they don’t gush about their insecurities over glasses of wine.

They’re problems are petty, not life-changing: They hate their jobs; they’re strapped for cash; they sleep around, but they accept it all with wanton abandon of someone who smokes way, way too much weed.

And, it’s fabulous.

Here are some important lessons to take away from the broads of “Broad City.”

Dating: Don’t overthink it.


Neither of the girls seem to take dating too seriously, especially Ilana.

Her relationship with the subtly hilarious character, Lincoln, is sort of puzzling.

He’s more than a f*ck buddy, definitely a friend and would be an adorable boyfriend were it not for Ilana refusing to label it as such.

But, Lincoln doesn’t let Ilana’s laissez-faire attitude toward the situation put a damper on his feelings toward her.

Their casual intimacy reflects a healthy and awesome kind of thing: two people enjoying each other, smoking weed, boning and occasionally peeing on other people’s plants together.

Work: Know your limits.


“Don’t bite off more than you can chew” is the moral of episode three, in which Ilana takes a day off from her full-time job (to which she normally devotes the smallest amount of effort imaginable) to shadow at a temp office.

Answering phones at the temp office, she decides to take on an additional job as a dog walker.

This ends in failure, of course. The dogs are returned to the wrong homes, and one is nearly killed in a death-by-chocolate fiasco.

So, basically, do one thing well, rather than many things sh*ttily.

Style: You do you.


On a typical day, fashion isn’t the girls’ main agenda. Their casual wardrobes are comprised of thrift store finds and they rock it.

Ilana’s ensembles tend to push the limit of what’s appropriate (at work, or an upscale restaurant), but her give-no-f*cks attitude will inspire you to do the same.

Friendship: No boundaries.


A true friend will go beyond normal means to support and protect you.

This includes, but is not limited to, following a stolen iPhone around the city (episode six), breaking into an apartment and being maced (episode four), or disposing of unwanted best-friend poop (episode seven).

Abbi and Ilana share a friend-love so strong, it’ll almost make you uncomfortable, but in the best way possible.

Bonus: Never, ever, take yourself too seriously.


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