8 Things That Matter More Than College Bowl Games

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If it feels like the football season has been going on forever, you're basically right. But after this week, all that's left is the National Championship Game, and then we wait until next year to blackout at a tailgate. Over the last few days there have been like 500 bowl games, and some people care way too much. Like sorry but if you didn't make it to the championship game I don't understand why you're still playing. Because pretending to care about football is exhausting, here are some other things to focus on this week.

  • 1. Sleeping

    Especially if you're on winter break right now, you should absolutely be taking a nap every day.  Tbh the more you sleep, the less your mom will come up with random shit for you to do at home.

  • 2. Netflix

    In the time it takes to watch one football game, you could make it through like half a season of Friends (still feels surreal to type that). Free time is precious, and it should be spent watching TV that is at least five years old.

  • 3. The National Championship Game

    If you don't actually care about any team and just want to seem cool, save it for next weekend.  Oregon and Ohio State will be playing for the championship, which is perfect because you only have to focus on one game.

  • 4. Talking Shit

    The holidays are probably the most drama-filled time of the year, so there should be lots to catch up on with your #frenemies. Why watch football when you can have three different people tell you about how Alyssa shit her pants on New Years?

  • 5. Reading

    Don't roll your eyes at me. I guarantee you would rather read a book than a football game right now.  And if you haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, you only have two months until the movie comes out, so get moving.

  • 6. Shopping

    Go to a mall and buy whatever you didn't get for Christmas/Chanukah.  This is probably the last week of the year when you can justify buying gifts for yourself, so go crazy.

  • 7. Working Out

    I hate New Years resolutions, but like it or not you've probably gained weight in the last month. Your post-holiday diet will work way better if you actually get out of bed and go to the gym once or twice.

  • 8. Cleaning

    I promise I don't expect you to clean. This one is only here to demonstrate how little Bowl Games actually matter. So literally do whatever you want today, you'll still be doing something more meaningful than watching Boise State win the Fiesta Bowl. Sorry Idaho, I don't give a shit about you.

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