These 10 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines Will Give You Dating Nightmares

Dating isnt what it used to be.

We dont take the time to get to know each other. We have a hard time actually talking to one another because, oddly enough, social media has made us less social. Instead, we hide behind screens and DM each otherinstead.

Some of us have to deal with the scrub in the front seat that TLC was talking about, or that bugaboo that Destinys Child told us about. If youve experienced that, youd want to put their number on the call block too, to save yourself from being bothered with one-liners and pick-up lines.

But whatmakes a pick-up line a good one? Do most of us just think of something in our head that sounds kind of good and then try to muster the courage to say it?

Because pick-up lines can be really hit or miss. Some are hilarious; others are slightly offensive or weird. Somewill makeyou question society orshake your faith in humanity.

I askedmy friends about some of the most extremepick-up lines theyve encountered. Their answers didnt disappoint.

1. Girl you so fine Id drink your dirty bath water.

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