Picture of the Day: When Penguins Attack

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WHEN PENGUINS ATTACK Photograph by M/S Expedition on Twitter/Gap Adventures In this amazing capture, we see a Gentoo penguin about to take a big bite into a GoPro camera in Antarctica. The image was shared on Gap Adventure’s M/S Expedition twitter account earlier this week. The M/S Expedition is Gap Adventure’s cruise ship for Antarctic […]


‘Instant classic’: NY Post announces Spitzer run as only it can [pic]!/AriFleischer/status/354196423568392193 Truth!!/blakehounshell/status/354028692911046656 Indeed. The announcement that disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer plans to run for New York City comptroller has upped the hilarious factor. And the New York Post is on it!!/samgustin/status/354202731554156544 Subtle? We don’t need no stinkin’ subtle!!/TheStalwart/status/354172180285751296!/jordanc/status/354208837810651136!/MattMackowiak/status/354071379693408257 Yep. An early win for the New York Post. More please! […]


10 Sex and Dating Experts to Follow on Twitter

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The Best Sex (Advice) You’ll Find on the Web 1) Emily Morse Followers: 23,823 The hilarious and relatable Emily Morse made a name for herself with the fantastic “Sex with Emily” podcast, which now also airs on SiriusXM. Since then, she’s released an app called “Kegel Camp,” starred in the Bravo series “Miss Advised,” and […]


16 Amazing Uses For Vaseline That You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

You might use vaseline for chapped lips, but the truth is that it can be used for countless small tasks around your house and can help with skin issues as well. via: Boredom Therapy You might know a couple of these, but there are many, including one that’s Halloween-pumpkin-related, that will surely be news to […]


Mom Has a Creative Solution To Put an End To Questions About Her Twins

“Oh, are those twins?” “Yes, those two same-sized babies in my stroller are, in fact, twins. For the thousandth time.” That’s what Australian mom Annie Nolan was thinking when she made two signs answering twelve of the most-asked, most “obnoxious” questions she’s gotten about her 2-year-old twin girls, Delphia and Cheska. Although she didn’t dare […]