Schadenfreude! Tina Fey weak at box office; Twitter confirms film ‘sucked’!/bostonwriter/status/315717280745005056 Heh. Tina Fey recently exposed that Sarah Palin is still living rent-free in her head when she revived her Palin schtick on “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Bless her heart. Perhaps she should try to focus more on her own career instead of desperately (and bitterly) clinging to Palin-bashing? Yikes, the Tina Fey/Paul Rudd low-budget […]


Godzilla The Musical

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Hollywood is churning out yet another Godzilla movie. How many times can they re-release the monster story? Apparently, as many times viewers will pay for tickets and popcorn. Realizing this Godzilla obsession has gotten a little out of control, movie-obsessed CineFix decided to roll with it, and commissioned this ridiculous, yet hilarious, parody, Godzilla The Musical, starring Olga Kay. Just […]


These Hilarious Dogs Know That Windshield Wipers Are Up To No Good

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When it comes to hanging out in cars, most dogs are totally on board. Going for rides is always a blast, and there’s nothing quite like cruising down back roads with your head hanging out of the window (unless you’re a human, that is). But there’s one thing about cars that seems to unnerve even […]


If Tall Is Your Type, We Have Some Really Bad News For You

It’s good all the best things come in small packages — because no oneisgetting any taller. At least, Americans aren’t getting any taller. According to a new study, Americans seem to havestopped growing. The report, which looks at height data from many countries over the last hundred or so years,reveals people in the USA were […]


Genetically Modified Wheat Could Give Celiacs Their Daily Bread

Good news for celiacs! Scientists have genetically modified wheat making it free from the types of gluten that trigger celiac disease. This means that sufferers might finally be able to enjoy tasty wheat-based snacks. Gluten refers to proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is important in baking as it forms elastic chains, maintaining […]


‘Shame!’ Mizzou J-school prof blasts colleague who tried to sic ‘muscle’ on reporter

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As Twitchytold you, Melissa Click, Mizzou assistant professor of mass media tried to recruit “muscle” to get rid of a reporter trying to cover the student protesters.But this MUJ-school prof Katherine Reed, for one, isn’t standing by Click: Damn. Straight. Good on her for speaking out against Click’s sickening behavior. For what it’s worth, Professor […]