This Bird Has A Hilarious Tantrum When His Owners Won’t Take Him For A Walk

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All Eric the cockatoo wanted, was to go for a walk. Is that really too much to ask? Unfortunately for him, on this particular rainy day it was. Stuck inside, cooped up, Eric was pretty annoyed. And he decided to show his annoyance by throwinga pretty impressive strop. As his owner watches on, Eric rips […]


Pet Bearded Dragon Lizard Eating Bugs Is More Entertaining Than You’d Expect

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Sure, this video by Calcifer Beardiebae simply features a male Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon lizard enjoying some crickets, but that hasn’t stopped it from going viral. With the help of a little text-based editing, the once mundane video has becoming adorable and hilarious.    Read more:


Maybe When This Gun Control Opponent Watches The Footage, He'll Realize How Bad His Arguments Were

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When John Oliver went to Australia to confront the charlatans claiming to have effectively regulated guns, he quickly discovered that maybe some of the arguments from American anti-gun-control groups were flawed. All the arguments, to be more specific. Skip to 3:58 for my favorite logical extension of why gun control is futile. Watch part two and part […]