This Girl Wrote a Hilarious Cookbook For Her ‘Cave Man’ Brother

Cooking is hard, and cookbooks can look like a foreign language to people who somehow find a way to burn cereal. via: GIPHY Knowing this, one smartass little sister,Imgurian tacopartyinyourmouth, decidedto help out her culinarily-challenged brother with a step-by-step,hilariously honest, fail-proof cookbook. Sheposted pictures of the book with laminated sheets to protect from spillage and […]


Beluga Whale Photobombs Wedding and Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle

The beluga whales at the Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut have been known to (adorably) photobomb humans’ most special memories. For example, the time this one decided to invite himself right into the happy couple’s wedding ceremony. via: Reddit The picture made it to Reddit where an epic Photoshop battle was launched. And so without […]


30 Hilariously Unfortunate Neon Sign Fails

If you own a business, first impressions are pretty important. Thats why when a light burns out on your neon sign, its best to replace it immediately. Especially if the letters that burned out completely change the message youre trying to send. 1 S’up via: The Berry It’s very causal shopping at this Target store. […]