Piers Morgan Rips On Beyonc’s Grammy Performance and Gets Totally Burned

Piers Morgan isn’t exactly one to shy away from controversy, whether he’s talking PTSD, women or the president. But this time Twitter thinks he’s taken it too far, ripping on Beyonc’s performance at the Grammy Awards last night. Didn't really 'feel' that Beyonce performance. Seemed heavier on the narcissism than the music. #GRAMMYs — […]


This Old Woman’s Hilariously Honest Obit Will Make You Wish You Knew Her

With few exceptions, most obituaries are somber summaries of a life that has come and gone. That’s not the case for a ninety-one-year-old great grandmother from Ohio named Jean Oddi. According to her forty-five-year-old granddaughter Melissa Herby Falter, who penned her grandma’s obituary in first-person, Oddi was a “bitch” with a “kind heart,” and her […]


Vlogger Tackles Mom Guilt In Hilarious Viral Video

With the demands of work, life, and family, mom (and dad) guilt is a real thing from time to time. When Melissa Radke a writer and public speaker who posts funny parenting videos to her page felt that twinge of guilt, she let her kids, Remi, ten, and Rocco, eight, sleep in her bed. Melissa […]