Can You Spot What’s So Funny In These 14 Pics?

1 Nobody’s perfect all the time, so it’s not like we’re making fun of these people for screwing up in general. Rather, we’re making fun of them for messing up in the most obvious and hilarious ways possible. via: Guff There are a couple instances below where we expected no one would catch it, but […]


This Smartass Student Found a Giant, Note-Card-Sized Loophole in Their Teacher’s Rule and Got Away with It

ome people find the smallest opening and take full advantage of it. A community college teacher recently discovered this when he allowed his students to bring in a 3×5 reference notecard for an accounting exam. But one student took advantage of the situation, in a creative and highly courageous manner… Accounting professor Reb Beatty instructed […]


16 Custom License Plates That Are Nothing Short of Cringeworthy

It’s possible that, at one time, custom license plates were a pretty cool thing. But nowadays, it seems like they’re only reserved for loudmouths who are probably VERY insecure. Sometimes, they can still be clever, but not very frequently. However, we’re not ones to judge. You can do that for yourself with this gallery. Booyah […]


You’re Going To Want To Pika-Chew On These Adorable Pokmon Burgers

The Pokmon Go craze is still alive and well, and if you’re walking around your town trying to catch ’em all and need to refuel,we have an adorable option for you Pokmon-themed burgers. That’s right. The Sydney-based burger joint just created three banging burgers inspired by none other than the Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur Pokmon […]


Did the White House Press Secretary Tweet Out a Secret Password?

It’s been an…eventful first week for the new White House administration, to say the least. And Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, has himselfcome under fire for strange tweets, aggressive comments, lying to the press and becoming a meme… You know, all those typical first-week mistakes every White House Press Secretary makes… Now, he […]