Twitter Is Sharing Their Most Embarrassing #IGotCaught Stories

Look, we’ve all been caught doing something a little embarrassing from time to time. Usually we like to keep those things to ourselves, or at least we used to before social media. So when Jimmy Fallon king of the Twitter hashtag asked people for their #IGotCaught stories, the Internet swiftly delivered. Called in sick to […]


30 Toys Every ’90s Girl Just HAD To Have

I met my next door neighbor and future best friend in 1994 when we were five years old. The first time we ever had a play date, she walked into my house, looked around, and said, “My toys are way better than your toys.” I have since forgiven her, and we have moved past this. […]


The 36 Funniest Letters to Santa You’ve EVER Seen

1) You can’t trust his helpers. Part of the magic of the holiday season is the innocence of children and their unwavering belief in Santa. In fact, they are so confident that hes on his way in the sleigh that they take the time to pen him a letter that takes things to a whole […]