17 Gifts For Moms Who Love Wine More Than Flowers

Sure, you’ll never go wrong with flowers and chocolates, but when it comes to a wine-loving mom, you can do a whole lot better. That’s why we assembled a list of the best gifts for wine lovers, from adult sippy cups to ros flavored gummy bears, sure to please the most oenophile of mothers. We […]


Jimmy Fallon Reads Hilarious Tweets That Prove His Hashtags Are Epic

1 There’s a reason that the Twitter hashtags Jimmy Fallon throws out there on The Tonight Show go viral in seconds. Via: Huffington Post It’s because they’re freaking hilarious. So without further ado, let’s revel in the glory of some #hilariousness. 2 Maybe save that gift for last… Via: BuzzFeed 3 Good luck sleeping tonight. […]


Meet the Snarky Genius Behind Wendy’s Epic Twitter Account

In case you haven’t noticed, the Wendy’s Twitter account has taken over the Internet, and now the face behind the tweets has finally been revealed. But let’s back up a bit first and showcase the gloriousness of their social media savvy. Itbegan back in 2016 when Wendy’s had some choice words for a Twitter user […]


These Hilarious Tweets Prove That Roommates Can Be Total Weirdos

Jimmy Fallon is the king of not only The Tonight Show, but also hashtags on Twitter. And when he recently asked for #MyRoommateIsWeird tweets, the Internet did not disappoint. My roommate once told me, "You know, most people wake up if they feel someone watching them sleep. But you don't." #MyRoommateIsWeird — Michelle (@BelleofBabble) August […]


This Might Just Be the Most Awkward Kiss Cam Moment In History

The kiss cam has become a staple at sporting events, but sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned. This would be one of those times at a recent Milwaukee Bucks game. If you’re unfamiliar withthe kiss cam, it’s when the camera pans onto an unsuspecting couple in the crowd, which is then projected onto JumboTrons […]


This Pregnant Model Was Shamed For the MOST Ridiculous Reason

This is 33-year-old model Porche Thomas, who recently gave birth to twin boys. via: Instagram But before those little bundles of baby joy came into the world, she took a bunch of tasteful “baby bump” shots, as a lot of women do. But it’s the Internet, and after posting this particular shot on Instagram, the […]