Little Boy And Huge Iguana Eat Kix Cereal Together

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This video from 2010 only recently began to truly surge in popularity, thanks to being featured on blogs like BunnyFood, StuffIStole,  and TastefullyO. Little Logan loves Kix like so many other kids, and nothing is better than having a bowl with your favorite family pet, Buddy, the enormous rhinoceros iguana. Buddy usually has a diet of […]


Magic Convenient Store Clerk

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For last year’s Easter holiday, the Tonight Show On NBC hired the hilarious, and very talented, magic clerk, AKA Michael Carbonaro, to wow and stupefy customers at a convenient store.  He changes his costume in front of a guest, turns an Easter egg toy into a live chick, and more. Now, the year old video is trending again as Easter 2013 approaches.  […]


Super Cute Kid Kai Sings ‘Roar’ On Ellen

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Ellen loves her tiny best friend Kai. She’s had him on her show multiple times to show off his super cute Bruno Mars singing abilities. Now that Kai has turned five years old, Ellen has invited him back on stage to take a turn from Bruno Mars and sing Katy Perry’s upbeat tune Roar. Simply adorable.    Read […]


Cuban Spider Dances The Rumba

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Special effects artist XSefProductionX made this hilarious and adorable dancing spider video way back in the summer, but only now has it started to go viral.  Now, after being featured on sites like Reddit, Arbroath, DailyOfTheDay, BlameItOnTheVoices, and more, the video has quickly garnered over 350,000 views.    Read more:


Chop Chop – Cute Animated Short Of Dramatic Rescue A Little Too Late

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Adorable and hilarious animation website BirdBoxStudios is trending after release of their latest cartoon, titled Chop Chop. A brave a daring vigilante burst onto the scene of a public beheading to save the day, but when he is nearly victorious, one guard points out a slight timing problem. The video is shared on PleatedJeans, TastefullyO, and BlameItOnTheVoices.  […]