Porn Star Offers To ‘Blow’ Entire Lakers Team If They Win 47 Games

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Getty Images/Instagram All of the Los Angeles Lakers are bound to have performance-based incentives written into their contracts, but this one might be the — er — most unique. Porn star Sadie Santana took her own crack at giving the Lakers some motivation via Twitter, where she announced she’d treat them all if they reached 47 wins […]


NBA 2K15 Face-Scan Fails Are Both Hilarious And Cringeworthy (Photos)

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NBA 2K15’s newest and most-hyped up feature is failing in the most spectacular way possible. And it’s uggggly. After the popular basketball simulation game was released at midnight, gamers rushed to upload their likenesses to 2K. A number of fans, however, found the ugliest versions of themselves imaginable. Here are just some of the results of […]


Will Ferrell Destroyed A Cheerleader With A Basketball To The Face (Video)

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At last night’s Pelicans-Lakers game in New Orleans, Will Ferrell pegged a cheerleader in the face with a basketball. The cheerleader was knocked out cold, and security took Ferrell from the arena. While that is what did appear to happen, the whole thing was staged. The halftime show featuring Ferrell was filmed for a new […]