Michelle Obama Stars In Rap Music Video Encouraging College Enrollment

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To encourage more people to go to college, First Lady Michelle Obama herself teamed up withCollege Humorto star in this upbeat rap song about going to college featuring SNLs Jay Pharoah. It’s no surprise this music video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views already!   Read more:


East-West College Bowl 2

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Last year, Comedy Central‘s Key & Peele went viral with their hilarious spoof of College Bowl player introductions on ESPN. That video stands with over 17 million hits! Why do so many players introduce themselves like that? Now that the college football season has returned for 2013, popular comedians Key & Peele have again returned to serve up […]


Honest University Commercial

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You know a college is high quality when you see ads for their institution after a fast food commercial while watching cartoons. Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa mocks those cheesy university ads in this hilarious parody commercial.    Read more:


Guy Dances In Underwear To Dixie Chicks’ Song “Landslide” At Age 20 And 30

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Last summer, the web went crazy after Weepingprophet created a hilarious video of himself having a conversation with his younger self made possible from old VHS videos he created as a kid. That video quickly exploded online, and now stands with over 10 million views. Now, Tyler Marcum has made a name for himself online in a similar fashion of […]