Barely Legal Pawn: Emmy Skit feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Video)

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus visits ‘Barely Legal’ pawn shop, run by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, in a hilarious promo skit for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards: via Read more:


The Epic ‘Friends’ Reunion We’ve Been Wanting for Years

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Sure, Friends has been off the air for nine years, but aren’t the former cast members still hanging out like old times in a cozy coffee shop somewhere in downtown New York City? To help promote an upcoming co-hosting stint on Ellen, Jennifer Aniston taped a sketch where she shows up at friend Matthew Perry’s […]


Swedishness (Video)

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A reporter takes a hilarious look at Swedish culture and all things Sweden. The skit features Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and it was made for 2013 Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Malmö, last Saturday. via Read more:


Southwest Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

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Frequent fliers hate the pre-flight speech before take-off. It may surprise you, but the flight attendants hate the speech even more. They have to give the same boring speech over and over. David London was on a Southwest flight from San Francisco to Chicago on Tuesday when he was pleasantly surprised. The flight attendant veered from the usual […]