Hipster Commercials Are the Worst

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Then the commercials came. You know, the touchy-feely ones with artsy-fartsyyoung people celebrating their individuality by buying an expensive mainstream product like the newest iPhone.Steven Rosenthalis sick of all this, so he made this hilarious hipster commercial parody.   Read more:


Farting Energy Towers British Anti-Fracking PSA

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Back in 2012, alternative British energy company Ecotricity went viral with their hilarious Collapsing Cooling Towers PSA.That video stands with over 2.8 million hits! The energy company is trending again now after debuting a new animated-enhanced video of energy towers farting as a result of fracking.    Read more:


Hilarious Engagement Commercial Shows How To Avoid Marriage Altogether

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Marriage is a scary concept: It’s a serious commitment that is often rushed so couples can adhere to social norms. Some wary men may fear their significant other will somehow push or force them into marriage in an effort to “take the next step.” This anxiety is often compounded by the male concept of “crazy,” […]


SNL: Hermes Handbags (Video)

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SNL‘s ‘Hermes Handbags’ skit features Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer as hilarious ex-porn stars trying to sell the famous handbag brand. That’s Hermes – not Herpes! via SNL Read more:


Aziz Ansari’s Saris Commercial

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Looking for a great holiday gift for that special someone but can’t find anything unique that sticks out from the crowd? How about the Aziz Ansari sari.  That’s right! Give the gift of a traditional Indian robe with Aziz’s face plastered all over it.  While being hosted by Conan, Aziz touted his sari in this hilarious, pun-packed mock […]


Ultimate This Is SportsCenter Commercials Compilation

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Every sports fan knows the commercials. ESPN‘s SportsCenter is famous for their sarcastic, and often hilarious, commercials that all have the same flavor.  Kobe24Bryant1324 compiled all the best ‘This Is SportsCenter‘ commercials into this video which is now trending on CosbySweaters, Reddit, and TastefullyO.    Read more:


Google Goggles Parody Portrays How Annoying Google Glass Will Be In Real Life

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Now that Google Glass has been fully announced the parodies are naturally pouring in. The official Google Glass commercial portrays the new glasses-like computer device as revolutionary. It will change how we live our everyday lives.  At least, that’s how the commercial sells the product. But, even with Google, a commercial is a commercial. Google Glass will no […]


WestJet Allows Animals Aboard “Furry Family” Flights April Fool’s Commercial

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Last year, Canadian airline West Jet went viralviral with their hilarious April Fool’s video featuring Child-Free Flights. That video currently stands with over 700,000 views.  Now, the comedians at West Jet’s marketing department have gone viral again this April Fool’s offering a new special “furry families” program. Animal lovers will no longer be required to kennel their […]


Jimmy Kimmel Celebrity Endorsed Diet Commercial Spoof

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Jimmy Kimmel went viral with his humping exercise commercial spoof.Now, he made another celebrity endorsed spoof, this time of a diet product. Late at night, the diet commercials begin. They all say the same thing, and are usually so ridiculous, it’s funny. Jimmy K made a diet that’s endorsed by celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, […]