95-Year-Old Man Can Deadlift 290 Pounds And Works Out Harder Than You

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[youtube] RT’s video news agency Ruptly has captured footage of a 95-year-old man lifting 290 pounds with little if any struggle. Locally known as the “world’s oldest powerlifter,” the short clip shows Svend Stensgaard deadlifting and bench pressing at a gym in Rodby, Denmark. What Stensgaard says in the interview isn’t clear, but YouTube […]


Focused Flautist Doesn’t Flinch When Butterfly Lands On Her Face Mid-Competition (Video)

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[youtube] Here’s a video that is equal parts hilarious and impressive. A flautist named Yukie Ota was playing in the 2014 Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Denmark, when all of a sudden, a butterfly landed on her face. But, Yukie was deep in concentration and did not stop playing to shoo the insect […]


The Internet Is Baffled By What This News Crew Caught On Film During An Interview

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The Internet is going nuts over this short clip from a Danish news network, which appears to show a woman engaging in some kind of sorcery. In the accursed clip from Denmark’s TV2, a man is being interviewed, but the real star is the blonde woman in the background who creepily vanishes into thin air. […]