Rock Cover Of Mulan’s “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” Really Does Rock

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The classic I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan is one of Disney‘s most pumped up and upbeat songs.  But rock and roll YouTuber Jonathan Young has taken the song to the next level. His metal-rock cover of the motivational song simply… rocks!   Read more:


Broadway’s Cast Of ‘Aladdin’ Honors Robin Williams Singing ‘Friend Like Me’

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One of Robin Williams most notable roles was voicing the hilarious genie in Disney’s Aladdin. To pay tribute to the great entertainer who just recently passed away, the Broadway cast of Aladdin performed a special sing along of the popular tune Friend Like Me.     Read more:


Grumpy Cat Meets Disney, Hates It

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We‘re no strangers to the world‘s fascination with Grumpy Cat, but U.S. digital artist Eric Proctor (a.k.a Tsaoshin) has taken that interest in an unexpected new direction by casting the lovable, misanthropic kitty in a series of classic Disney tales. [Read more…] Using Photoshop and his new Wacom Tablet, Tsaoshin playfully reinterprets Disney classics that […]


This Is Proof Disney Princes Would Actually Be Terrible Boyfriends In Real Life (Video)

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On the surface, Disney princes seem like they’d make great boyfriends. They’re good looking, have strong jawlines and can often be found saving damsels from whatever distressing situation they happen to be in. But, if you look at these princes a little closer, it’s pretty clear they would make for some terrible beaus. Most of […]


Snow White VS Elsa Rap Battle

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Everyone, young and old, is in love with the latest Disney princess Elsa from the greatly success feature film Frozen. But there’s one Disney princess who feels neglected ever since Frozen stole every little girl’s heart, Snow White. Whitney Avalon put together this hilarious rap battle between the two Disney stars to finally decipher which is the better princess. […]