The ‘feminism’ stage of the celeb nude pics scandal is utterly absurd

, ,!/wsliauw/status/507093940990787584 Hilarious. And as if on cue, here comes the “nudity is the highest form of feminism” argument, via Joan Smith’s latest at The Guardian, “Posing naked is one of the ultimate feminist acts”:!/KiraCochrane/status/506901063358631936 An excerpt: Amid this cacophony of critical voices, one reaction to the theft of “nude pics” – the tabloid shorthand […]


Feminist Makeup Tutorial Parody

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How-to make up videos have grown from a couple make up gurus to one of the largest, and most popular genres on YouTube. YouTuber Tadele Smith went viral last week with this hilarious feminist make up tutorial parody. Using the same style and flow of most gurus, she explains to her viewers how to put on […]