Hipster Commercials Are the Worst

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Then the commercials came. You know, the touchy-feely ones with artsy-fartsyyoung people celebrating their individuality by buying an expensive mainstream product like the newest iPhone.Steven Rosenthalis sick of all this, so he made this hilarious hipster commercial parody.   Read more:


Godzilla The Musical

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Hollywood is churning out yet another Godzilla movie. How many times can they re-release the monster story? Apparently, as many times viewers will pay for tickets and popcorn. Realizing this Godzilla obsession has gotten a little out of control, movie-obsessed CineFix decided to roll with it, and commissioned this ridiculous, yet hilarious, parody, Godzilla The Musical, starring Olga Kay. Just […]


These Hilarious Dogs Know That Windshield Wipers Are Up To No Good

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When it comes to hanging out in cars, most dogs are totally on board. Going for rides is always a blast, and there’s nothing quite like cruising down back roads with your head hanging out of the window (unless you’re a human, that is). But there’s one thing about cars that seems to unnerve even […]


Wife Leaves Clever Husband Alone With 6-Month Old Daughter, Hilarious Dirty Convo Ensues

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Are these parenting/relationship goals or what? You can just see the husband rocking a devilish grin as he mischievously (albeit hornily) messes with his wife, while tending to the otherwise mundane parenting duties.  1 Via: Blastergv9 2 Via: Blastergv9 3 Via: Blastergv9 4 Via: Blastergv9 Read more: