I've Never Met A 15-Year-Old And Thought 'She's Gonna Run The World One Day.' Yet Here We Are.

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Remember the name Tavi Gevinson. It’s going to be a household name someday (probably with “President” in front of it).  At :35, don’t you dare make fun of her graphics. She’s still figuring it out. At :55, she explains everything that’s wrong with “Strong Female Characters.” At 1:40, she says maybe my favorite thing ever […]


If You Need An Example Of How Silly Our Standards Have Gotten For How Women Look … Ta-Da!

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I try not to pay attention to body-shaming BS for my own sanity, but I just learned about a trend pressuring women and girls to have a gap between their thighs, and it really caught me off-guard. (Haven’t heard of it? Lucky you!) What’s next? Obsessions with perfectly round freckles? Super wrinkly elbows? Thank goodness […]


It's Good Their DIY Birth Control Pills Have Me Laughing So Hard. It Hides The Anger.

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You know that whole Supreme Court decision that allows employers (like craft store Hobby Lobby) to deny birth control coverage to employees because … religion? Well, a lot of people have been upset about it. These two women decided to be hilarious instead. Related: It might be impossible not to laugh between 0:53 and 1:00. […]