Debbie Wasserman Schultz shows her #SOSVenezuela solidarity with a selfie [pic]

, , , , ,!/SundevilSal/status/436524466311426048 President Obama “strongly condemns” the “unacceptable violence” in Ukraine, but he hasn’t really said much about what’s happening in Venezuela. Unlike Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who’s actually doing something about it. Just look:!/DWStweets/status/436523922390261760 // OK, well, at least she seems to be aware of the deadly violence in Venezuela. Maybe she could pass […]


A Comedian Takes You Around The World Of Discrimination In 5 Hilarious Jokes

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You would think it would be tough for comedian Hari Kondabolu to tie all of these things together in this snappy comedy set on “Conan,” but he takes you from Seattle to China to the Garden of Eden like a boss. There’s something for everyone in this, but I personally like it all. What do […]


The Most Civilized Yet Insulting And Hilarious Interview With The Guy Who Ruined Our Privacy Ever

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On the premiere of his thoughtful and hilarious new show on HBO, “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver got the opportunity to sit down with Gen. Keith Alexander, the previous head of the NSA, and attempt to hold him accountable for the organization’s overreach. He didn’t pull punches and once again proved that apparently the best […]


‘Whoops’: Michelle Obama campaigns for Mark Udall, Biden-style! [video]

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She's for that tractor salesman's son! @lynn_bartels @FLOTUS @MarkUdall @CoryGardner — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) October 23, 2014 Campaigning for the re-election of Colorado Senator Mark Udall, First Lady Michelle Obama went on a gaffe binge worthy of Joe Biden. It started when she confused the incumbent Democrat with his Republican challenger, Cory Gardner: Whoops. @FLOTUS […]