8 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes That Are Way Easier To Make Than You Think

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Unfortunately for those who can’t eat wheat, there’s really nothing scarier on Halloween than a gluten-induced stomach ache. When you suffer from any food intolerance, spooky soirées and trick-or-treats have to be thoroughly researched to ensure consumption won’t cause digestive chaos. But there are alternatives and tricks to solve this not-so-sweet situation. Rather than playing […]


A Girl With Autism Chats With Channing Tatum In A Funny, Moving Interview

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It was clear early on in Carly Fleischmann’s life that she had severe, non-verbal autism. She always struggled to communicate with friends and family, but when she was 11, her therapists discovered that through typing, she could unlock a level of communication of which no one knew she was capable. Now 21 years old, Carly […]


Apparently, Eating A Banana For Breakfast Is A Pretty Bad Idea

Everyone knows that dieting can be hard AF.Especially since we often think we’remaking good food decisions when we’re actually not. Ifyou’ve been patting yourself on the back for starting your day off with a seemingly healthy banana, I have some bad news for you.Eating bananas for breakfast isn’tas healthy as you may think. In fact, […]


The FDA Basically Just Promoted Crash Dieting With This Stomach Pump

Yesterday, the FDAapproved a device calledAspireAssist, whichhelps obese people control weight loss and calorie intake by pumping half-digested food out of their stomach. Getting it only requires a quick and painless 15-minute procedure that allows patients to go back to their normal lives within a few hours. Except now, they can empty 30 percent of […]